What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid in the ASVAB Exam?

What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid in the ASVAB Exam?

If you are really serious about joining the army, then you must be serious about the (ASVAB) armed services Vocational Aptitude Battery.The ASVAB is a scheduled multi-aptitude exam, which is administered at over 14,000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS), and designed and implemented by the Defense Department.

Online Tutoring Services will help you to practice for ASVAB. These practice assessments will give you an idea about how you will get a high score, and recognizing those areas which you will have to improve. He or she will also recommend resources and study guides to study for the ASVAB exam.

Common mistake to avoid in ASVAB

If you avoid these common mistakes in the ASVAB test, then you can improve your opportunity of cracking this exam and having the Military job of your dreams.

Choose not too study at all

Most of the people think that they don’t have any need to study for the ASVAB test. They suppose that they have studied most of the topics in high schools, they will do fine even if they just wing it.

Polishing up on concepts of the vocabulary and mathematics definitely helps you to get a high score on the ASVAB, at least. The use of a calculator is a no-no on the ASVAB, so you’ll have to reconsider those math tricks by hand to do calculations. Auto, shop, and mechanical comprehension courses in high school are not required, so these topics may be entirely new to you and require extra attention.

Fail to realize how scores are used

The military forces will use the nine ASVAB subtests to assess which military jobs you are eligible for. If you don’t know how the scores are being used, you won’t be able to decide which parts of the exam are most essential to study.

Study for unnecessary subtests

If you do not want to be a military mechanic, why would you prepare for the Auto & Shop Information subtest? You should invest your time in math and vocabulary study because the ASVAB’s math and vocabulary subtests are used to measure the all-important AFQT ranking, which decides whether you can join your choice of military branch.

Losing concentration

You will have to take nine subsets which cover different subjects. You have approximately three hours to complete the real test, so if you lose focus during the test, time tends to slip away, and you won’t get to answer all the questions. It is difficult but stay focused on the task throughout the whole test.

Here are the few tips which will be helpful to maintain the focus during the exam:

  • Reach at the exam center with time to spare
  • Leave your luggage at the door.
  • Focusing on one subtest at a time
  • Take few minutes to rest and re-concentrate between subtests.
  • Stress over time

You have just a short time to take the exam but don’t panic about it. The more pressure you feel, the more probable you are to make mistakes. All you have to do is work at a steady pace and you will do well.

Never try to solve a single question for too much time. If you draw a blank, then make a guess and move on. Keep your eye on the remaining time but don’t stress.

Memorize practice test questions

Don’t spend your time trying to memorize questions of the practice tests. It’s almost ensured you will not see any of the practice questions on the official ASVAB study guide. Military test resources are highly regulated items, and they are not accessible by any author of an ASVAB prep book. In reality, the military and civilian service members who reveal specific ASVAB test questions or answers they can go to jail.

Misunderstand the problem

Firstly ensure that you know what the question is going to ask you, and then answer what it wants. If the question asks for the sum of two numbers, do not multiply the numbers. Do not mistake a division sign for an addition sign. After getting familiar with the types of questions on the ASVAB, you will not be able to zero on what you are expecting to do a lot faster.

Change answers

After double-checking your math, make a decision that Choice (C) is right, and then mark it on the answer sheet, do not change your answer on the ASVAB paper version! When you’re playing that game, you are almost sure to change the correct answer to a wrong one. Additionally, you can drive yourself crazy, by second-guessing your decision. Mark that answer, and move on.


Most of these mistakes are due to insufficient or wrong preparation or stress under the pressure of the test. Studying for the ASVAB will be challenging, but not impossible. It is crucial for students to prepare their study sessions, and also they can invest their time and energy in the study procedure. If you are facing problems related to ASVAB preparation, you can always take the help of an online ASVAB tutor. We hope that you must be satisfied with what we have explained!

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