Top 6 Most Best Superheroes Smarter than You Think

Top 6 Most Best Superheroes Smarter than You Think

Booster Gold

Booster Gold why can’t I quit you Booster Gold has been around since the 80s and as a character who started off as a glory hound. He was a time traveler a security guard from the 25th century which is also the same time as the reverse-flash fun fact. Now Booster Gold worked in a museum that had some superhero artifacts in it. He had ended up there after he’d been caught throwing football matches feeling he had no future in his time. He stole a costume teamed up with the security robot named Skeets and went back in time to sell himself as a hero to the public. He stirred soft selfish and arrogant and not too well liked by other heroes or really the public. But over time he would develop a sense of responsibility and become a real hero and do some time traveling with his son who didn’t know it’s his son fun times. He would especially have to come to terms with the fact that time was not something that one could just play with the problem. Writers and reboots keep taking his personality back to base so for every two steps forward he takes. He takes another three steps back Booster Gold can be cool he has been but his coolness lies in his growth and that is consistently undone let Booster Grove.


Now some would say that what happened with Jubilee is a case of overcompensation Jubilee first debuted in the uncanny x-men number 244 in 1989 so she’s actually pretty recent. She was a teen character to connect with the kids and just before the 90s where we would develop a lot of and she was a streetwise mall rat. And she had what even she called firework power this made many feel like she was lame and silly she was quickly made the butt of jokes and put on all those. This character is useless list that people like to make so she would get a massive power increase to the point where she had untapped potential to detonate her blasts on a molecular level. The thing is Jubilee didn’t need that amp she was already pretty cool and Donna look at my big glasses and soda kind of way. But actually in the way she was intended as an entry point for readers onto the team she got along with other members. She had reactions to situations that were a bit more relatable and she wanted to help less she was a fashion icon yellow coat all day every day.

The U.S Agent

The US agent is set to appear in the MCU so get ready for a whole bunch of people to care more about him than they ever did before the US agent was originally a villain for Captain America. He was called the super Patriot this was before he actually became Captain America. Later on, this was in a bid to boost the book sales and it actually worked at least for a little bit during this time. The character would also become more heroic for some the US agent is just a little redundant but others find him more interesting than Captain America because he’s a cap with some grit. And who actually at times has some questions about how he feels about the ideals. He represents the US agent is cooler than people think because he’s actually done far more than people think and he still is. He’s been on force work since 2020 and he has fans. When I put him on the worst Avengers list which I still maintain you can be a good hero but not a great Avenger. They’re not mutually exclusive I heard about it people emerged hey someone talking smack about the U.S agent.

Matter Eater Lad

Before you throw your phone or computer out the window or just you know calmly select on the video let me explain matter eater lad has been the butt of jokes for years and it’s largely. Because of his power said which is that he can eat anything he hasn’t had a silly backstory and an absurdly named home planet. his plan is called Bismol like pepto-bismol the height of comedy in 1962 also pepto-bismol has been sold under that name since the year 1900 fun fact but all jokes aside. This ability is really useful think about it he can eat his way out of anything. You can watch your favorite web series on Movie Hustle without any hassle. But beyond that think of all the eating contests you could take him to he could have one of those. I eat anything YouTube channels and get millions of views then you would definitely be cool to his friends they’d be sorry then I’ve got a whole matter your lad head canon cooking apparently.


Your powers aren’t combat based doesn’t mean you can’t be useful or cool cypher first debuted in New Mutants number 13. In 1984 he has the ability to decipher understand write and translate any language written or spoken that’s amazing the situations? He can diffuse the ancient or advanced ruins he can help interpret here’s the thing while he was on New Mutants. He was the least favorite character of fans and the creative team they didn’t even like drawing him. They said that it wasn’t fun and he has the best salty quote get ready every artist who ever him said couldn’t. We never got any letters from people saying they liked him until he was dead harsh. Harsh words but a poor workman blames his tools that’s all I’m goanna say Seifer has had a bit of a resurgence of late. Since house of X he’s useful and has a unique skill that’s cool it may not be scintillating to draw. But it can be compelling you just have to work at it.


The Super friends he has been perceived as a little goofy that show just made his ample powerset seem a little silly it’s somehow managed to eclipse. The fact that he is ruler of most of the earth can command sea life to do his bidding so he has a giant kwatak army this includes like a Kraken. He can also move freely between the sea and the land but you know that’s hard to remember when you see him surfing on some sea horses. this would become a cultural mindset that Aquaman was lame and comics would actually try to combat it they’ll grow his hair out give him a beard cut off his hand kill his son then. When his beard came off he was super serious never smiled life is serious just like him don’t laugh at him how dare you he doesn’t talk to fish. There was a whole panel about this how he telepathically influences them which is actually more horrifying. It was a thing here’s the thing Aquaman was never lame or even if he was he still had cool elements that really don’t need a beard to be highlighted.

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