How can You Make Money with Blog?

How can You Make Money with Blog?

Google Adsense

Ads are the easiest way to make money from blogging, but the chances of getting rich are almost nil. Google AdSense is easy to implement on your blog, making it a popular option.

Unless you really have a lot of visitors, I don’t recommend this. Finally, ads often negatively impact the user experience. If you only earn a few euros/month on ads, this is really not worth it.

However, if you have a blog that attracts thousands of visitors every month, it will be a different story. In that case it can be interesting to get started with Google AdSense. Again, it will not make you rich, but it can provide an extra source of income.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing you promote a product or service on your blog. When your visitor goes to the website that sells the service or product via your blog, and actually makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

The amount of commission for affiliate marketing depends on various factors. This may be a small percentage, but a commission of $ 100 (or even more) is no exception!

How do you do this concretely? The best way is to write/create valuable content. For example tutorials or reviews. Or maybe you are (a starting) influencer and you have a good number of followers on Instagram…

Do you have a blog and want to get an idea of   the possibilities? Then take a look at TradeTracker. TradeTracker is one of the better Affiliate marketing providers. I myself am also affiliated there. You can register for free and you will notice that they have interesting affiliate programs in every category. Whether you have a travel blog or a fashion blog (or something else), you are likely to find an affiliate program that suits you.

The affiliate programs that you will find at TradeTracker are not obscure websites, but well-known Belgian & international brands such as AS Adventures, Torfs, Proximus, Connections, Etam, Tui,…

Develop an online course

Successful bloggers often also develop an online course. This can be about the topic on which they blog, but sometimes also about blogging or about online marketing, about how they have handled things and have become successful.

Such an online course can take various forms. This way you can also give access to a protected part of your website, where more in-depth or more elaborated content is offered. Today, such a thing is often combined with video. Thanks to video you can approach a 1-to-1 experience.

Online courses are also regularly supplemented with coaching via, for example, a Skype call. I personally find that very interesting. This way you combine a theoretical course with advice and customized feedback during the Skype call. This gives real added value.

The advantage of such an online course is that it is easily scalable; you make that 1x and then you can in principle resell it unlimited times. But make no mistake, creating an online course, especially if you work with video, requires a lot of work. If you use WordPress, you can expand your blog relatively easily with such an e-learning platform. There are various plugins for this.

Create a paying newsletter

There are also successful bloggers who have a paid newsletter. They then send a newsletter at certain times with exclusive tutorials or tips. You often see this, for example, with bloggers who give tips about shares. This includes some very successful bloggers where readers are willing to pay for interesting information sent via newsletters.


Publish an e-book (free or not)

E-books are also a very popular source of income for bloggers, both paying and non-paying.

Paid e-books

The most obvious form of e-books are paid e-books. For bloggers, this is also a relatively easy way to make money (provided you have a captive audience).

Often we start from the most popular posts that were already written on the blog. These are then changed or supplemented with (a lot of) extra information and tips.

For example, a few years ago I followed an American blogger who shared tips on how he approached traveling very cheaply. That went from booking cheap airline tickets, tips on how to easily earn extra miles or how to book the best rooms at a lower rate. At a certain point, that blog was so popular that the blogger released his own e-book. And actually that was really no more than the most popular blog posts that he had rewritten and supplemented.

Free e-books

Maybe you are now wondering how to make money from a free e-book? Well, that is certainly possible, although in an indirect way.

For many bloggers, collecting email addresses is very important. When they publish a new blog post, they immediately send out a newsletter to people who are already interested in the type of content they publish.

If you as a blogger make money through advertising or affiliate marketing, email marketing is a tool that should not be underestimated. But even if you want to (eventually) sell products or services, such an email list is very important.

However, there is a small “but”. Namely, your visitors will not just leave their email address so that you can chase them with emails (even if they find your content interesting). That’s why it’s a good idea to give something in its place. A free e-book is a great idea! Collect your 10 most popular blog posts, turn them into an e-book, and you have a free “gift” to give away when someone signs up for your newsletter.

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