Develop your Brand by Killer Messaging

Develop your Brand by Killer Messaging

Introduction about Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the communication between a brand and its target audience which makes a buyer connect to the brand by influencing them, motivating them, and propelling them to buy the product. It’s the message that tells why your brand matters, what is its value proposition, and how it is different from the competitors. The brand message you send across to your customers is no less than your brand story. This is the reason why it is essential for you to incorporate even the minute details of your brand such as your brand strategy, the tone, and the factors which make your brand unique in your brand message.

Benefits of brand messaging

Before knowing the keys required to build a coherent brand message, it is important to know how brand messaging helps your brand to grow. Below are some benefits of brand messaging:

Increases brand value

What determines your brand value isn’t the price of your product but the customer’s perception of your brand. An influential brand message builds value into your brand and communicates that value to customers. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are some of the brands with high brand equity.

Helps to reach the target audience

In order for your brand to grow, it is important that your target audience connects with your brand on an emotional level. A constructive brand message helps you reach your target audience. Like, in the case of Nike, the brand slogan, “Just Do It” resonates with the customers the moment they see it. For the reason that it is easy and short, customers easily associate it with it even in usual conversations.

Helps your brand get a unique voice

Brand messaging is the language with which you talk to your audience. It appears on your website, product, and every medium through which you promote your brand. An effective brand message reflects your brand values and speaks to your audience. For instance, the British brand Innocent Drinks maintains a playful, childlike tone in everything they do which is a voice unique to their brand.

Here are 3 killer keys to help you grow your business with brand messaging.

3 Keys to Killer Messaging for Brand

1. Brand Positioning v. Brand Messaging – Know the difference

Brand positioning and messaging are interconnected concepts. Former is a way of describing your story. It basically is used to guide and align the team. While messaging, on the other hand, translates positioning into statements which are explicit and formed according to the need of the audience. Briefly, brand positioning can be understood as behind the scenes and messaging as the actual movie.

In order to create a strategic brand positioning and messaging, look at what you are missing out in your current voice and tone. Compare your message with those of your competitors and list out the flaws. After you are aware of your shortcomings, rethink your brand positioning with your new knowledge and experience. While forming a new brand message, make sure you cover all the components from your brand values to product promise and the emotional benefits of the customers. When it comes to brand positioning, Coca-Cola is one of the best examples. In its many campaigns such as, “Open happiness”, “Drinking a coke with”, the brand has always relied on values such as happiness, friendship, and joy to the position. The positioning of the brand promotes engagement among its customers, encouraging them to share moments and experiences.

2. Focus on the design

Consistency is the key to an effective brand message. No matter what type of content you are writing, the writings and graphics need to be evenly-toned. While planning a graphic, color theme and fonts should be chosen carefully. For example, if your brand messages are targeted to a professional audience, the fonts should not be “high energy”, Serif fonts are what is suitable for you. However, the color you choose for the graphic depends on the message you are trying to convey to the audience. Color black primarily shows boldness, luxury, mystery, and seriousness. A meditation app, “Headspace” features a cheery color palette that brings joy. With inspirational quotes and charming illustrated characters, they share a cohesive experience.

3. Put yourself in customer’s shoes

The sole purpose of brand messaging is for your customers to connect with you. So, for a cohesive brand message, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and think from his perspective. Identify your customer’s problems and address them in your brand message. You can rely on surveys to collect data on the problems faced by your target audience and how you can solve them.

Conclusion of Brand Messaging

An efficacious brand message is not developed overnight, it is a gradual process that takes a lot of brainstorming, effort, and hard work to come up with an appropriate message which resonates with your brand’s voice. But, over time as the market evolves, make sure that you evolve your content too so that your message doesn’t get out-dated and the customers don’t feel out of touch.

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