8 Excellent Website Design  Trends to Dominate In 2020

8 Excellent Website Design Trends to Dominate In 2020

Web designing trends are always undergoing consistent changes! Things are getting much better and better with days passing by! Some have evolved in 2019 and can come with a fresh concept in this year too. Read on this blog to know the trendiest web designing ideas of 2020 which designers and developers of leading website Design Company of Las Vegas must follow. 

Website Design Trends which to Follow

Mobile First

Mobile-first is the basic yet most significant trend while practicing good web design. Nowadays, people are looking for any relevant websites, videos, and photos on their mobile instead of desktop and laptop. This is why most designers and developers of web design companies in Las Vegas are too inclined at mobile-first features.

It explicitly means that now mobile compatible websites will be developed at first which later will be made compatible with desktop as well. In this way, websites will resemble the apps and can be useful for omnichannel marketing.  

Big Typography

Big typography is another expanding trend of web designing! Simply, it represents to the titles written in large point-sized letters. Being emerged in 2019 it will continue to rule the web designing market this year too. In fact, a couple of layouts of web design can be witnessed as well.

Although it is preferably used in section titles and hero images yet now it will be seen evolving hand in hand with serif, slab and sans typography. It’s very rare from that of the normal calligraphy and scripted fonts and that is the space where its uniqueness is lying. 


The trend of asymmetry has expanded last year only. In 2020, people can witness its other way of evolution making it a common one in website designing! Asymmetrical look makes the website appear less straight-edged and blocky as well.

It will enhance the appearance of the website making it much more interesting. As sets of levels are there in this type of design, it must be remembered well that visual balance is imperative to use this type of design trend. 

Background Video

Video backgrounds are really harder to post as they significantly slower down the rate of loading time of the website. Although things get much more accessible yet developers drop down the idea of using video backgrounds.

By using the video optimizers and theme builders video can be used in the background easily for any web page sections. Moreover, it can be converted into GIFs to optimize the page in much better way at the same time.

Vertical Split Design

Vertical split design is witnessing much expansion and preferences in web designing and the trend seems to be continued in 2020! It refers to the creation of 2 different information sections in a specific space. Also the division can be done by utilizing two different colors as well.

Sometimes, this trend is used in website design services in Las Vegas for designing the entire website or some specific sections. A huge number of varied styles are available there for this particular trend some of which are going to be noticed in 2020.  

Micro animation

For the last few years, micro animation becomes the buzz trend in web designing. In this year, it will get expanded much more. Specifically, it is used for navigation, decorative elements, backgrounds and loading many other designs. Soon, the greatest combination of illustration and micro animation is going to be a bigger trend of uniqueness in web designing.  

Dimensional Design

Very popular 3D design equips in numerous forms and shapes. In the last two decades, elaborated 3 dimensional illustrations have been greatly witnessed. It makes the designing trend less flashy and quite simple and straightforward. It is majorly used for product photographs, services pages, photo galleries, text sections and lots more. 

Voice Search

Much more eyeballs have been received by the voice search last year. In 2020, it will be more in numbers. Voice search in web design is all about answering relevantly to the meaningful questions. It is an unrivalled combination of SEO research and web designing. Answers can be comprised of proper images with the inclusion of Meta Descriptions as well.  

Bonus: Accessibility

These days website designing becomes a necessity rather than a trend! There isn’t any website that avoids optimization to get accessibility. Hence, though must be atypical including choice of color for the color blindness, screen readers or optimization, and well-crafted image descriptions. 

The most aspiring website designers and design companies must follow these trends for better development of the site.These will help in developing better way of interaction with your clients meanwhile imposing certain exclusive benefits as well.


At last, the decision can be taken whether the trends are useful and reliable while developing any site or not! Induji Tech is a leading company that helps in designing an efficient website that will be fruitful for your business. It will increase the ROI, conversion rate, and profit margin as well. Even a unique brand image can be created whilst standing out amongst potential competitors.  

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