7 Ways To Delight Your Parents On Their 50th Anniversary

7 Ways To Delight Your Parents On Their 50th Anniversary

Nothing can be as heartwarming as seeing your parents celebrate their 50th anniversary. They have lived through so many decades together, loving, caring, fighting, and making up.  They have seen it all. From having coffee in the early hours of the morning to tucking each other to sleep, the relationship gradually built up to be a huge, exciting affair.

Ways to Delight your Parents on 50th Anniversary

Love like this should not be just in the hearts or under the rug. Love like this deserves to be acknowledged, revered, and celebrated. And if your parents’ golden wedding anniversary is around the corner, the bliss of this significant relationship milestone ought to be shared with extra enthusiasm.

Redesign The Old Wedding Outfits

Won’t it be exciting to see your parents getting married? You are absolutely lucky if you could witness this moment. It’s time to honor the marriage by re-planning their wedding. Design their old wedding attire with a little touch of modernity here and there, while at the same time, making it less cumbersome. Create a short and sweet wedding to help them relive the promises they made years and years ago.

Create A Memory Collage

For sure, your parents must be having a thousand memories to cherish and relish. Accumulate old pictures and videos, create a slideshow of them along with anniversary wishes and messages from all friends, relatives, and long lost acquaintances to reminisce about the different stages of their relationship. Let everyone present at the party share their special memory with the couple as a tribute to this special milestone.

Plan A Treasure Hunt

This is an exciting idea to liven up the anniversary party. Spread some fun and laughter with a treasure hunt. Create two teams with your mom and dad in separate teams and other attendants taking one side each. Put clues in balloons or photographs or familiar places across the venue to help them land at the ultimate treasure.

Add Something Special To The Menu

Rather than keeping the food of one kind, create a mix of different cuisines. Do not forget the special 50th-anniversary cake. Choose reliable bakery services with a strong online presence for a quick online cake delivery in Ranchi, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. covering many cities across India lest you should risk the important part of the menu. Also, the special couple might have distinct food choices. Make sure to take care of both while deciding the menu. 

Don’t Forget The Entertainment

Keep the venue light and pleasing with soft and classic hits playing in the background. It should not be too loud to cause chaos during conversations. You would obviously be knowing your parent’s favorite songs and the songs they have memories with. Put them together for an added pleasant effect. Also, you can create a photo booth for people to take memories with them with their pictures.

Violet Or Yellow Rose Theme For The Party

Violet is associated with the 50th anniversary and symbolizes virtue, faithfulness, modesty, and simplicity. So, you may consider this traditional golden anniversary flower for your decor ideas as it will perfectly exemplify the long-lasting relationship. You can also opt for yellow roses, as this is also a great symbol of 50 years of marriage. Considering violets are difficult to arrange, yellow roses can also work perfectly to go in the golden anniversary decor.

Decide Meaningful Party Favours

It will be a sweet gesture to return favors to everyone who took their time out to join the celebration. Go for special return gifts like champagne glasses trimmed in gold, gold-rimmed photo frame, clothing trimmed in gold lace. A box of chocolates will also work its charm as a sweet memory of the grand milestone.

These ideas are feasible and will not take much hassle during the execution and at the same time, will bring a huge smile on your parents’ faces. So, help your parents enjoy their special day with these ideas of celebration.

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